Bobie Sue Clawson, site safety manager, plays an important role in coordinating with contractors on maintaining safety of the Terminal Modernization Program site. (Photo by Oscar Rzodkiewicz)

Built for Pittsburgh by Pittsburgh: Bobie Sue Clawson

When Bobie Sue Clawson walks through the construction site of PIT’s new terminal, she sees a lot of familiar faces: men and women she’s worked with on other projects throughout the region.

“This project is helping the construction industry, and all my coworkers and all the people I have worked with really thrive out here,” Clawson said. “It’s really great to see familiar faces.”

Clawson is a site safety manager with PJ Dick/Hunt. She helps manage the Terminal Modernization Program’s site safety program.

Clawson is our next profile in PIT’s “Built for Pittsburgh by Pittsburgh” video series, highlighting the talented men and women from the region building PIT’s new terminal.

Watch this video to learn how being part of the TMP is leaving a lasting impression on Clawson.

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