No More Searching to Charge Your Phone

Airside renovations to include major upgrades, new seating to add power outlets

By Oscar Rzodkiewicz

Published July 8, 2024

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Pittsburgh International Airport is building much more than just a new terminal—but an observant flyer may have already noticed that.

While PIT completes a $1.57 billion program to build a new terminal, Multi-Modal Complex parking structure and roadway system, not all the construction on campus involves brand new buildings.

The airside terminal—the part of the airport that contains the gates to aircraft—is getting a major facelift as well.

The improvements include updated restrooms, a new design in the center core area, redevelopment of concession spaces, LED lighting, HV/AC systems and 28 hold rooms – the areas at each gate where travelers sit waiting to board their flights.

Gone will be the days of searching for a wall outlet to charge your phone, tablet or laptop before a flight—every single seat will contain its own power unit.

“That might be the most important aspect from the passenger perspective,” said Brad Homan, the implementation manager for the airside renovations with Paslay Group.

The variety of seating types will increase too. Plans include adding more high-top tables as well as soft seating for families.

PIT’s hold rooms will receive new seating with more charging stations for personal devices, new high-top tables and family-friendly soft seating, among other significant improvements. (Courtesy of Stantec + Rios Williams Architects)

Passengers can also expect updated flooring and carpeting, painting, lighting and ceilings that will coordinate with the similar changes being made throughout the airside terminal.

Many of the hold rooms are being designed alongside the airlines whose flights board there, customizing them for their individual needs for boarding and their passenger base.

“It’s been an effort with the ACAA working with the airlines to design the hold rooms from picking furniture and the millwork,” said Adam Pozun, Allegheny County Airport Authority engineering project manager, “but also developing a PIT standard for the common use hold rooms.”

The design phase for the updated hold rooms began in March of this year and the construction will continue through the opening of the new terminal in 2025.

Some of the areas will be closed during construction, but the work will not impact flights.

All gate changes have been made in advance and coordinated between the ACAA, the FAA and the airlines to ensure no passenger will be sent to a closed gate.

Updated wayfinding is accessible throughout the terminal or can be found at

“It’s just a matter of making people aware of what’s going on and what’s happening, but not hindering the use of the building,” said Chad Willis, ACAA’s director of planning and sustainability.

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