Pittsburgh Named a Top “Foodie” Destination

Nouveau cuisine + famous fries and slaw = jolly good eating for coming Londoners

By Natalie Fiorilli

Published January 26, 2019

Read Time: 2 mins


Travel + Leisure, TripAdvisor, National Geographic… Pittsburgh has been mentioned lately in just about every list of top travel destinations you can imagine.

Now, BBC’s Top 10 Destinations for Foodies 2019 list hits a sweet and savory spot really close to home.

Coming in at No. 7 is Pittsburgh, or as the British Broadcasting Company describes it, a “less familiar Pennsylvania city.” While maybe we are less familiar to some, Pittsburgh was the only U.S. destination featured by BBC, alongside cities in Italy, Greece, France and Japan.

After describing the city’s vibrant arts and culture scene, the list promotes its creative cuisine, explaining that the lower cost of living in Pittsburgh is attracting talented chefs to set up shop.

Although BBC may not think Pittsburgh is on many radars, local restaurants like Superior Motors, Dinette, Cure, and Whitfield at the Ace Hotel are showing the world that the city has moved beyond our (still-beloved) pierogis and Primanti’s. In fact, these restaurants are putting Pittsburgh on the map with stories in national publications, and even a feature in the late Anthony Bourdain’s “Parts Unknown” television series.

For organizations like VisitPITTSBURGH, these accolades are an important way to bring Pittsburgh to the world and the world to Pittsburgh, according to President and CEO, Craig Davis.

“It helps us spread the word, domestically and internationally, on what we already know,” said Davis. “Pittsburgh is a city of innovation in tech, the arts, education, medicine, tourism, food and more, and it is a world-class destination with something for every age and every interest.”

And soon, BBC viewers in the U.K. will be able to easily explore our dining options for themselves, with the start of new nonstop service between London Heathrow and Pittsburgh International on British Airways. The flight, which starts April 2, will reconnect the two cities for the first time in 20 years, with airport officials expecting the service to help boost Pittsburgh as an international tourist destination.

“Since British Airways left in 1999, Pittsburgh has changed greatly while holding on to the authentic character we are known for as a city,” explained VP of Air Service Development, Bryan Dietz. “Pittsburgh is a different place now with incredible restaurants, nightlife, and a food scene that fit in perfectly with the rich history of museums, arts and culture of our community– BA is back because of our renaissance and the feeling you are discovering something unique when you come to Pittsburgh.”

And, as the rest of the world discovers our nouveau cuisine, maybe they’ll also catch on to the tried and true fries and coleslaw as essential ingredients.

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