About BlueSky News:


Blue Sky News means the sky is the limit and the future is bright.

As a news service of the Pittsburgh International and Allegheny County airports, our focus is to be the trusted source of airport and aviation news, trends and ideas – not just in the Pittsburgh region, but around the world. Blue Sky News is the place where we share stories of how our airports, employees and partners are advancing the region’s role as a world leader.

We Are Elevating Aviation

Blue Sky News takes you behind the scenes in the terminal, on the airfield and in the community to meet the people transforming our airports and region. We talk to the experts and our partners. We explain the technical aspects behind their work and show you what thriving, innovative airports look like in action. And we provide our perspective on the often-complex aviation issues of the day.

Our Staff

Elevating aviation takes lots of know-how. In addition to the hundreds of dedicated experts who run our airports every day, the intrepid Blue Sky News staff makes sure the world knows about it.