Historic PIT Hangars Still in Service 60 Years Later

From the archives: Airport’s first major hangars built for Trans World Airlines

By Bob Kerlik

Published March 25, 2019

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When Greater Pittsburgh Airport opened in 1952, sparkling new hangars for Trans World Airlines weren’t far behind. Records are unavailable whether the buildings known today as Hangars No. 1 and 2 opened contemporaneously with the “new” airport or shortly after.

The hangars provided maintenance space for TWA planes and were visited by Howard Hughes, the then-owner of the airline. It’s unclear whether he designed the hangars personally.

These photos were taken on March 24, 1959, almost exactly 60 years ago, by Michael Pennetti of the Allegheny County Department of Public Works Division of Photography.

Today the hangars are occupied by Republic Airways, which flies for American, Delta and United. The Allegheny County Airport Authority is planning to renovate portions of the hangars later this year.

TWA planes sit in a hangar at Greater Pittsburgh Airport on March 24, 1959 (Photo taken by Michael Pennetti).

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