(Photo circa 1970, Allegheny County Department of Aviation)

Haircuts on the Fly

From the world’s first airport movie theater to public observation decks, Greater Pittsburgh International Airport had it all … even a barbershop.

That’s right. In the days of the Greater PIT terminal, which opened in 1952 and closed in 1992, passengers could get a quick shave or shine before flying out.

The concept was ahead of its time, and current U.S. airports with barbershops include Buffalo Niagara International, Portland and Chicago O’Hare, to name a few.

With the aforementioned amenities and a restaurant called the Horizon Room, Greater PIT was a destination unto itself. Pittsburgh International similarly strives to create a sense of place for visitors through its Art in the Airport and myPITpass programs, along with the addition of local shops and restaurants.

And since a public observation deck is expected to make a comeback through PIT’s Terminal Modernization Program, perhaps a barbershop will make the cut, too.

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