Boone Makes the National News

Award-winning PIT PAWS therapy dog in the national spotlight, this time with NBC’s Lester Holt

By Julie Bercik

Published January 10, 2022

Read Time: < 1 min


Boone is always ready for his close-up.

The celebrated beagle-hound mix is certainly no stranger to a crowd. At Pittsburgh International Airport, he serves as an ambassador and PIT PAWS therapy dog, bringing joy and solace to travelers of all ages.

His most recent moment in the spotlight came after spending a morning at PIT with a network crew from NBC. That led to a featured segment on NBC Nightly News Kids Edition.

Click here to see the report, which starts at the 12:17 mark.

At a time when we’re all trying to bounce back from a rough two years, Boone is the definition of resiliency. His handler, Tanya Diable, rescued him after he was abused, which resulted in the loss of his back legs. Diable had Boone fitted for a wheelchair that helps him get around, and it’s how he makes his rounds throughout the terminal.

2021 was a big year for Boone. In November he was honored as the American Humane Hero Dog and American Humane Therapy Dog. He was also featured in a special on the Hallmark Channel.

So when the network news came calling, Boone was ready, coming right up to the camera lens for a close up during the taping.

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