Photos of the Week: From Sunrise to Sunset

No matter the time of day, air travel brings people together

By BlueSkyStaff

Published October 17, 2022

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Picture an airport in the early morning. Folks are hustling to catch one of the first flights of the day to their myriad destinations. Some are business travelers catching a flight to Chicago, others are parents surprising their kids with a trip to Disney World. Here’s a couple starting their honeymoon in Mexico. There’s a family flying to visit grandparents in Boston.

Now add in a beautiful sunrise. You’re really starting the day off right.

That mental picture may look a lot like Katelyn Brazelton’s shot of a flight taking off from Runway 28R at Pittsburgh International Airport for a morning departure. Note the contrails formed in the sky by other flights crisscrossing the country.

Now, as the day goes on and the sun sets, think of flights later in the day; they’re full of another set of passengers returning home from their journeys. Think of the anticipation business travelers feel to see their families again after a long workweek full of meetings. Think of families coming back home from vacation with happy memories but also eager to sleep in their own beds again.

Able to relate? David Cannone sure can with this sunset he shot from the window of an American Airlines flight between Pittsburgh and Chicago.

Thanks for sharing, Kaelyn and David!

Our readers continue to pass along shots of unique aircraft, international airports, historical events, gorgeous views and even family vacation photos for this feature. We love them! Keep them coming—you can click here for submission guidelines.

A view of an evening sunset from onboard an American Airlines 737-800 flying between Pittsburgh and Chicago. (Photo submitted by David Cannone)

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