VIDEO: PIT’s New Terminal on the Rise

Construction enters new phase for 2023

By Oscar Rzodkiewicz

Published January 9, 2023

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Pittsburgh International Airport’s new terminal is rising from the ground, thanks to 16,000 tons of American-made steel and 182,000 bolts, among other materials.

That includes the installation of tree columns fabricated 10 miles down the road from the construction site at Sippel Steel in Ambridge. About 80 percent of the contracts for the Terminal Modernization Program have been awarded to firms in the region. While crane lifts helped construct the new terminal, drilling and deep foundation work took place for the multi-modal complex over the summer.

Construction has also begun on roadways all around the airport campus, artist Adam Kuby approved designs on retaining walls, and more.

The new terminal and multi-modal complex are set to launch in 2025.

Watch the video for construction highlights of the past year.

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