Photo of the Week: Massive Antonov Touches Down

By BlueSkyStaff

Published May 1, 2023

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Some planes just look like they’re meant to carry the most heavy and bulky cargo in the world.

Cue the Antonov An-124, which is nearly as big as the world’s largest passenger airplane, the Airbus A380, and can carry a payload of 150 tons. That’s equivalent to three 737 MAX 8 planes.

The aircraft is such a workhorse it has its own cranes that can lift 30 tons at a time. This specific plane was built in 1986, according to online aviation records, and has a wingspan of 240 feet.

Ryan McManus took a picture of this massive bird landing at PIT earlier this month. It’s not the first time an Antonov has landed at PIT—in fact, many have over the years. Blue Sky even captured photos of previous landings, including an Antonov that landed at PIT in May 2021 carrying critical medical supplies for a regional manufacturer.

Whatever the payload, it’s impressive each time it touches down with its 24 wheels.

Thanks for sharing, Ryan!

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