Steelers 1st-Round Pick Broderick Jones Arrives

By Bob Kerlik & Rachel Carlson

Published May 1, 2023

Read Time: 2 mins


Broderick Jones stepped off a Delta Air Lines plane from Georgia on Friday surrounded by family members and quickly realized he was in a football town.

Onlookers gathered, phones in hand, as a Steelers advance team greeted him at Gate D76 and presented him with a Steelers cap and sweatshirt.

The Steelers traded up in the NFL draft to select Jones, an offensive lineman from the University of Georgia, with the 14th pick in the draft. Hundreds of passersby in the concourse pointed out the first-round pick to their friends as he walked through the terminal.

Blue Sky News quizzed him on a few Pittsburgh features as he rode the train to the Landside Terminal and made his way to pose with the Franco Harris statue.

Pittsburgh Steelers first-round draft pick Broderick Jones

BSN: How do you feel about fries on everything food-wise, including sandwiches and salads?

Jones: You said fries? … I like french fries – I don’t know about with every meal, but it’s something I’m going to get used to.

BSN: How do you feel you’re going to look in black and gold?

Jones: My high school was actually black and gold so … I think I fit in with black and gold.

BSN: How do you feel about the weather? You’re coming from a little bit warmer to playing in the cold?

Jones: A lot of people think Georgia is hot, but it’s really just humid – but it gets cold too, so there’s really no difference. I feel like I’ll be OK.

BSN: What are you going to do on your first off day in the city?

Jones: Sleep! Sleep all day. I got a lot of sleep to catch up on.

BSN: Do you have any message for Pittsburghers?

Jones: Go Steeler Nation, baby!

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