Stone from Airport’s Past Forms New Garden

By Julie Bercik

Published June 30, 2023

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A massive rock unearthed from the site of PIT’s new terminal. Crushed and recycled rocks from ramps. Granite from the old fountain at Greater Pittsburgh International Airport.

Together, these pieces of the past make up a new landscape display, dubbed the “Goodbye Garden,” that drivers leaving the airport can see just before the Sunoco gas station.

“The first impression the customer gets, and the last impression, is very important to me, and I hope they feel good when they leave here and see this,” said Jim Macon, Landscape Supervisor at PIT, who came up with the idea to beautify what used to be a weed-filled ditch.

Field Maintenance crews spent weeks building the display. They pressure-washed the massive rock and transported it to the site, then built a wall for the display using pieces of granite from Greater PIT that have been in storage since it closed more than 30 years ago.

“It brings a little history into the future,” said Norm Watts, Landscape Laborer.

Watts snapped a picture of the granite to show to his mom, who instantly recognized it.

“She used to work at the old airport and right away she says that granite came from the fountain at the old airport,” he said.

Once the display was set, crews shifted to adding pops of color, planting red bud trees and colorful flowers.

“It gives you a good feeling every time I drive by now,” Macon said.

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