Photo of the Week: Southwest Sunset

By BlueSkyStaff

Published July 10, 2023

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With America recently celebrating its 247th birthday, it’s only fitting to feature one of the most patriotic planes flying in the skies today.

Southwest Airlines’ Freedom One is a Boeing 737-800 with a specialty paint job featuring a giant American flag worn across the length of the aircraft’s fuselage. From its flowing red and white stripes to bold stars on a blue background, this Southwest paint job symbolizes the land of the free and home of the brave.

The aircraft was unveiled in June 2021 to commemorate Southwest’s 50th anniversary as an airline. Southwest’s founding sought to democratize air travel through low fares, as according to the airline, only 15 percent of Americans traveled by air in 1971.

Additionally, Freedom One honors military veterans—past and present—who serve to defend our nation. Freedom One is dedicated to the more than 56,000 employees that make up Southwest’s workforce, many of whom are military veterans.

Since its unveiling more than two years ago, Freedom One is one of the most highly sought-after planes by aviation fans and enthusiasts, including those in Pittsburgh. Bailey Noel was fortunate enough to capture Freedom One at PIT arriving at dusk and taxiing to its gate.

Thanks for sharing, Bailey!

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