Photos of the Week: Avgeek Appetite

Famous burger restaurant is a must-visit for aviation fans

By BlueSkyStaff

Published October 9, 2023

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There’s only one place where you can experience the West Coast’s most popular burger while also watching planes take off and land at one of the busiest airports in the world.

The In-N-Out restaurant located near Los Angeles International Airport provides the best combination of tackling your hunger for food and planespotting, whether you’re a die-hard aviation fan or just a burger lover who enjoys watching planes.

Located right underneath the approach path of LAX’s north parallel runways, the LAX In-N-Out affords some of the best and closest views of planes offered by any airport worldwide. Arriving aircraft zoom just a few hundred feet above while observers can enjoy, say, a double double cheeseburger Animal Style.

The LAX In-N-Out is so popular that aviation enthusiasts from around the world travel specifically to experience enjoying a meal and planespotting there.

That is exactly what Bailey Noel did on a recent trip to LAX, where she caught this photo of a Southwest 737 MAX 8 on arrival above the restaurant.

And while the LAX In-N-Out may be on the bucket list to some, across the Pacific is a different kind of paradise envied by travelers. While on a United flight from Newark, New Jersey, Laura Woodside saw this picturesque view of Hawaii as the plane approached Honolulu’s Daniel K. Inouye International Airport.

Thanks for sharing, Bailey and Laura!

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