Built for Pittsburgh by Pittsburgh: Olivia Williams

Female engineer on terminal project hopes to blaze path for others

By Julie Bercik

Published November 27, 2023

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You can say a pink hard hat is Olivia Williams’ signature mark on the construction site of PIT’s new terminal and Multi-Modal Complex. The Pittsburgh native proudly wears it as she works as a project engineer with Rycon Construction Inc.

As a woman in construction, she’s sharing her story in hopes it might inspire others to consider a career in her field.

“Definitely don’t be afraid of something you’ve always thought of,” Williams said. “The path is out there. It’s just a matter of women actually trying and fighting for it.”

The recent Kent State graduate noted the Terminal Modernization Project is her first job after graduating.

“It’s honestly been kind of crazy to look around and see that I made it here, of all places,” Williams said.

Williams is our next profile in PIT’s “Built for Pittsburgh by Pittsburgh” video series, highlighting the talented men and women from the region building PIT’s new terminal.

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