Movie Theater in an Airport? Been There, Done That

A few in the States, more in Asia, but PIT's was first

By Kristin Mageras

Published September 27, 2018

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With the likes of Uber and Apple with a presence in Pittsburgh, the city’s been getting a reputation as progressive. But there’s one trend we beat by more than 65 years—a movie theatre in the airport.

Across Asia there seems to be a trend of putting movie theaters in these transportation hubs. Hong Kong International Airport, Changi Airport in Singapore, Indira Gandhi International Airport in Delhi, and Incheon Airport in Seoul all have theaters. Portland and Minneapolis airports have them too.

GPA_CITY_IN_AN_AIRPORT_SKYPORT-CINEMA.jpgBack in 1952, then Greater Pittsburgh International airport was the first airport in the world to house a movie theater. But then again it was a simpler time—no long security wait lines, no TSA and with other amenities like a hotel, a night club (The Horizon Room), Observation decks, and multiple restaurants, the airport was a destination in and of itself.

While the new terminal currently under design doesn’t include plans for a movie theater—again, a different time—it promises to be a destination unto itself for Pittsburghers, the smartest airport in the world for passengers, and we’ll probably still sell some popcorn, too.

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