VIDEOS: A Faster Checkpoint, Open Space and Open Air

See what an airport built by Pittsburgh for Pittsburgh looks like

By BlueSkyStaff

Published June 28, 2021

Read Time: < 1 min


Once your bag is checked, make your way to a larger, more efficient security checkpoint with plenty of room and modern features in the works to accommodate families and others with specific needs.

Continue on to a redesigned recompose area to be filled with local artwork and other amenities that reflect the Pittsburgh region.

Once through security, find an innovative feature unique at U.S. airports – two outdoor terraces where you can experience the woodlands, valleys, rock formations and other landscapes reflective of the region. Two additional outdoor terraces, as well as updated restrooms and concessions, will also be located pre-security for Pittsburgh’s high volume of “meeters and greeters” to enjoy while waiting for loved ones.


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