Photos of the Week: Sizing Things Up

Sheer scale of largest passenger aircraft inspires awe

By BlueSkyStaff

Published November 7, 2022

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Look, some passenger planes are big.

We know everyone knows that because, well, duh. But most people don’t get to stand right next to, say, an Airbus A380 and confront its 79-foot-high tail (that’s seven stories!) or its 238-foot length, which is about how far Patrick Mahomes can throw a football.

It can be overwhelming. Intimidating, even.

So imagine working the ramp at Dubai International Airport and walking amongst these behemoths. Matthew S. Slafka sent us this shot of eight Emirates aircraft there, a mix of A380s and Boeing 777s, and we did some quick math. The planes in this photo represent:

  • More than 2,050 tons of aircraft; that’s more than 670 Ford Explorers.
  • More than 1,800 feet of aircraft; that’s about the height of One World Trade Center.
  • More than 2,700 tons of carrying capacity; that’s about 55 cars from Pittsburgh’s light rail system.

Like we said: some passenger planes are big.

But it’s often the little things that count the most. And Stephanie Stridinger caught one of aviation’s best small pleasures in a photo she took flying to Boca Raton.

The “Howdy” emblazoned on the winglets of Spirit aircraft is a trademark of the ultra-low-cost carrier and often brings a smile to the faces of passengers who aren’t expecting it.

Thanks, Matthew and Stephanie!

Our readers continue to pass along shots of unique aircraft, international airports, historical events, gorgeous views and even family vacation photos for this feature. We love them! Keep them coming—you can click here for submission guidelines.

The ‘Howdy’ emblazoned on the winglets of Spirit aircraft is a trademark of the ultra-low-cost carrier. (Submitted by Stephanie Stridinger)

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